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Broken Silence - Three

Title: Broken Silence
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Retreating from your fears doesn't make them go away.
Pairing: Bobby/John
Warnings: Character death (again)


“How’s it been going Bobby? Carla said you talked about the mustangs today.”

Bobby smiled at him and closed the book he was holding, placing it on the bedside table. He stretched his hands up into the air and gave out a massive yawn then looked out the window. Lunch should be here any minute now…

Piotr sighted and gave it another try.

“She also said she gave you a few books to read… Do you like then?”

Monologue was more like it.

Bobby shrugged and grabbed the four paperbacks lying near his bed, showing them to his friend. Not any fancy titles, Piotr noticed, but good enough reads.

“Do you want me to bring some as well? I’m sure you’d love to have something useful to do while you’re here.”

Bobby looked at him and shook his head lightly. He didn’t need anything else to read it seemed.

Every time Piotr would come and see him, at least during the first minutes of each of his visits, he would get this inexplicable urge to punch him in the face. Bobby gave the impression that he was punishing you, in a four-year-old sort of way, by refusing to talk, no matter what. It slowly killed him, the knowledge that, as each day passed, he might never hear his friend’s voice again. Not the most beautiful voice though it may be, but one that, now, most surely, would bring him a little measure of peace.

When younger, Piotr himself was a man of few words, but as the years went by he realized that there were a lot of things that, if not said at the right time, would most likely never be stated. And that would be a pity indeed. Body language had its limited power, but it came nowhere near the sublime influence words could have on you; a pause in the speech, a particularly curious word inflexion. That’s why, one day, he decided to start speaking. He was able to withstand a normal conversation, and, even though that might not seem of much difficulty to the average person, Piotr managed to shock everyone around him.

But still, even Piotr wasn’t prepared enough to have a conversation with someone who just wasn’t responding back. He wished Marie would come here sooner and help him out a bit. She always seemed to have a better grip on the situation.

“I told Carla that we’d take another walk in the forest, if that’s okay with you.”

Bobby nodded and got up from the bed, stretching his legs a bit. He looked out the window again, and then turned to Piotr. He looked a bit pale, but nothing worth getting troubled about, he guessed.

A knock was heard on the door and Piotr got up to answer it, seeing as Bobby made no movement whatsoever, and continued to stare aimlessly around his room.

“I’m coming,” he said as he pressed the knob and smiled when he saw Marie on the other side of the door. She was holding a tray of food.

“Hey there, Piotr,” she said. “Sorry I’m a bit late, but Carla asked me to bring up his lunch, since I was already heading up."

“No problem. I just got here a few minutes ago myself. Want some help with that?” he offered.

“No, that’s okay. I’ve brought breakfasts on a tray before,” she politely turned Piotr down, walking into the room, nodding a salute at Bobby.

Bobby nodded back and extended his arm, awaiting the eternal shake of hands, the way they have always greeted each other since they were teenagers.

“How’s it hanging, tough guy?” Marie asked him, giving his hand a firm shake, trying to avoid giving into her emotions, and just give him an all out hug; maybe even cry a bit.

Bobby shrugged and headed towards his table, where Marie had previously placed the food tray. He looked at his two friends and raised his eyebrows and the both of them nodded. They managed to understand him without words any more.

“Of course you can eat, God. You shouldn’t even ask us that, Bobby,” Marie said, sitting on the bed and looking over Bobby’s books. “Carla gave you these?”

Bobby nodded and took a sip of the soup smiling at the good taste.

“You know she’s the one that cooks for him, right?” Marie asked Piotr and the Russian nodded.

Bobby lifted his gaze and pointed towards the former Mafia hit man, winking at him.

“Yeah Bobby, I’m quite aware that she likes me.”

“You’re just getting her hopes up, you know that, right?” Marie noted disinterestedly, shifting her gaze from one page to another, apparently interested in what the author had to say.

“I’m not!”

Bobby scoffed and took another sip, as if trying to keep his mouth shut.

“She knows I’m married,” Piotr mumbled, playing with his fingers. He seemingly regressed to a prepubescent mental state upon being asked that question.

“That’s not what I said, Pete,” Marie said, turning the page and scoffing at a sentence. “If only life was that easy.”


“I’m not talking about you and your situation Pete. You’ll deal with that in your own way, when you’ll feel ready for it; if ever. I’m just saying you should think about what you’re doing to her. Because I’ve seen you two together and you may not be aware of it, but you’re flirting like crazy. It’s not fair you know. Not for her, not for Kitty and especially not for the kids. You love Kitty, don’t you?”

“What’ that supposed to mean, Marie? Of course I love her!”

“Then stop your midlife crisis and act like a man, dammit!”

Bobby got up from the table, suddenly, and motioned towards his friends that he was ready to leave. Maybe he wasn’t, but the discussion was starting to annoy him. He didn’t need to hear this right now.

“Don’t you want to eat it all? No good?”

Bobby shook his head and placed both his hands on his stomach.

“Okay, you’re full. I’ll take your word for it,” Piotr said, thankful that the discussion had averted Marie’s interest from him. “Come on, we’ll walk around the grounds once.”


“You think he’ll ever talk again?” Marie asked, when she was certain that Bobby far enough in front of her to be out of hearing range.

“Marie, we’ve had this talk before; thousands of times. You’re the one who always kept my hopes up,” Piotr answered, keeping his pace steady.

“Well I think it’s time we switched roles. I’m starting to loose my faith in things ever getting better.”

“Is it the years?”

“I don’t think so. I mean what’s one more year of silence, after five of getting used to it? I’m not really sure what it could be really. Maybe I’ve changed. Who knows?” She shrugged and kicked a small pebble from the ground.

“Hey, is everything alright at home?”

“Of course it is.”

“Then what’s brought this sudden change in attitude?”

“I don’t know really. Maybe the growing up process final kicked in. Warren said it should start any decade now…”

Piotr smirked and patted his friend’s back.

“He’s a wise one, my friend.”

If front of them, Bobby jumped and grabbed one of the oak’s branches, stripping the yellow leaves from it, one by one, and then letting the tree return to its normal position. He laughed as it did so, and then he proceeded to jump all the way to the building entrance.

“He’s such a child sometimes…”


Carla waved at them and they waved back for a moment, then turned and headed towards their cars

“Are you heading home?” Marie asked.

“Yeah I need to grab the kids and see a movie or something. I’ve been busy lately and they keep telling me they want to hang out.”

“Well you don’t hear that every day, do you?” Marie asked amused. “Especially from eight year old boys. Don’t they start getting that ‘I don’t need parents’ phase right about now? I know that’s when I got mine…”

Piotr shrugged as if to say that’s just the way life goes. “Yeah, they have their moments sometimes, but it doesn’t last them very long. How about yours?”

“Makeup. And high heels. Don’t even start laughing. She’s driving me crazy. ‘Mommy can I have a new mascara?’, ‘Mommy can I get some black eye shadow?’, ‘Mommy can you get me a new bra?’. A bra, Piotr! A bra!” Marie said desperately between his friend’s laughs. “What can you put in one of those when you’re eight years old?!”

“Oh, Marie,” Piotr said with a smirk, trying to contain his laughter as best he could.

His friend sighed, opening his car door. “We should really get together, all seven of us,” she added, tapping her fingers on the window.

“Yeah, sounds like a good idea; Kitty would love it. How about next week?”

“Sure. I’ll tell them when I get home.”

“Will you be here on Sunday?”

“Aren’t I always? I think Jean-Paul is going to come too,” she said getting in the car.

“Nice of him to make all that distance. Well, see you in a couple of days then.”

“Take care of yourself Pete,” Marie said, nodding at him and driving off.

Piotr put his glasses on and looked as Marie’s car passed him. He waved him off and took a final look at Bobby’s window. Maybe his friend was there, looking back at him and waving, but the sun was in his eyes, so he couldn’t see. He could hope things would get better though something inside him told him that they would probably not. But he would be here for Bobby, no matter what.

He opened his car’s door and threw his jacket on the passenger’s seat, starting the engine and leaving the retreat.

In his room, Bobby watched as the Russian’s car distanced from the building and he waved aimlessly.


AN: So, what'd you think? Oh and if you didn't get it, that was the end.


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May. 14th, 2008 07:38 pm (UTC)
Awwwww. I totally loved and didn't expect that ending.

I can't wait fo more. You've gotten me hooked.
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